Did You Move To A Nicer House?


I have answered the questions “where did you move to?” or “why did you move?” so many times. Here is our story.

It all started two and a half years ago after a certain election. There were a lot of people worried, I wasn’t, I felt I had a game plan. It kept tugging at my heart and over the next year it seemed everywhere I turned, every book I would read, was pointing the same direction. I had began sharing my heart with Aaron and he wasn’t too hard to sway to my side. Two years ago we became convinced, sell the house, owe less money, live under our means and start a sustainable farm. So the mission began, but on God’s timing, not ours. We began the process of preparing our house for the market. We got it “show ready” put it for sale by owner, showed it one time and nothing. After 6 months we decided to just stay put, if it really is where God was directing us then it would happen at some point. Even though we still kept an eye out for land or a fixer-upper with a little land we just couldn’t find anything that seemed right. About four months after I had taken the sign and flyers up for our house I started getting messages about the listing I had left on our local Varage Sale site. I made three appointments to show the house that week. I wondered why the sudden interest? I got on my real estate map and saw we were literally the only other house for sale inside our city limits at the time. We decided if it was God’s timing it would work out, it did. The third family never came to see the house because we went under contract that same week. Then everyone started asking “where are you moving to?” My only answer was “I don’t know”. It’s pretty much insanity, you know? To have 3 kids, 178,526,924.05 personal belongings, 10 chickens, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 guinea pig and not know where you’re going. My thought was “we have a camper if worse comes to worse”.
Aaron had this dream of 10 acres, he was always talking about it. I would laugh, there’s no way. With the outrageous price of land, that won’t happen. We would be happy with 1-3 acres with a little fixer-upper, or to put our camper on, we could make that work. You can be a sustainable farm on less. Plus our main goal was to live under our means. Crunch time was coming, our dear friends were fixing up a rental house, a big one, because they love us they offered to rent it to us, kids, chickens, dogs and all! I will not relive the massive amounts of drama that go along with a move of this proportion. Let’s just say I’m still traumatized.




We moved to a town 30 minutes away, I was lonely, lost and confused. God did amazing work in us during that time. We got to be part of a missional church plant and meet some awesome people.

I realized how much I love my quirky hometown and how much I did not want to live in the city. But God is faithful. Just like Aaron had 10 acres on his heart, God put six months on mine. Six months later, two days before Christmas, we closed on 10 acres, in my hometown, with not one but two houses.


On our way to closing!


The mobile home we live in on the day we closed.


How the rental house on our property looked at closing.

One for us to live in and one to rent out, this helps pay our mortgage and allows us to live below our means. Even though it feels like heaven here to me, most of the time I can’t believe it’s mine, I have struggled with my dream not looking like the American Dream. Our last house had an open door policy.

I was always the first to volunteer my house, we loved hosting and having people over.

This past weekend we moved two of out poultry houses we had left in our old neighborhood to our new place. One of the houses was on the city easement behind our old house. A friend of a friend was helping us out and asked it we used to live there. I proudly said yes, we worked so hard and loved that place so much I was proud to say it had been mine.



He asked us if we had moved to a nicer house. Aaron and I looked at each other and laughed, we answered “no, we live in a mobile home now.” It may not look like we upgraded, but to us, we did!


4 thoughts on “Did You Move To A Nicer House?

  1. Michele

    Personally I think you owe no one an explanation for how you choose to live…. most American’s live well beyond their means and rack up thousands in credit card debt. Can’t send their kids to college because they need to live in the nicest house on the street or drive the most expensive SUV. The fact that you guys were willing to prioritize in a “non-worldly” way and do better for your family is awesome. I applaud you for following your heart and not worrying about what others will think. 🙂

  2. Same with us. Did we want to live on a tiny lot in the city and have a nice new house, or live in the country on plenty of land, but with a house that needed a lot work (a lot more than we thought)? It was a no-brainer for us. Do I wish that I had a nice new house? Yes. But am I willing to trade everything else for it? No way.

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